My name is Fran Velasco and I’m a photographer based in Madrid. I’m not good at describing myself so I’ll drop a few facts about me. You can read it in any order or not read them at all:

➺ I like to travel and discover new places and new people. It sounds cliché, but I’d be lying you otherwise.
➺ I used to be a Canon guy but I got tired of lugging a huge DSLR around, so I shot exclusively Fuji now. My main camera is the trusty X-T1 and a few primes, XF14mm f2.8, XF23mm f1.4 and a Fujicron 50mm f2.
➺ I’m a designer most of the time and my work is on Instagram or my website Efless.com.
➺ I’m happily married to Cecilia since summer of 2016. She’s pure love!

Hope you enjoy my pictures and thanks for coming!