First date with the Fujicron

Ten days have passed since I received the Fujicron 50 and because of the snow falling, work and life, something always gets in the way. The first outing of the new lens was more than satisfactory. Everything I’ve read about it was confirmed: the sharpness, the focusing speed, the lightness… In a few minutes I fell in love with it and don’t really regret getting the 56mm. Now, I’m aware the old X-T1 is not the fastest focusing camera out there and the noise at ISO 6400 is noticeable. Anyway I don’t see myself carrying a massive lens just for those night shots where I prefer using the 1.4/23. After all, I’m more a wide lens way, let alone at night.

Next stop: the Theater.

The Exterminating Angel

Besides An Andalusian Dog, I’ve never seen any other movie by director Luis Buñuel, so when my wife told me there was a theatrical play based on his 1962 movie The Exterminating Angel I was thrilled. I was told the play wouldn’t have a plot, and having only seen that one where there wasn’t any kind of dialog, I must say I was a little worried to spend two hours looking at actors doing non-connected live performances. Thank god Wikipedia was useful once again and we found out there was a more than interesting premise. It was a good play after all and I like it so much that in fact, I want to enjoy some of the real films.

The play was performed at Teatro Español from January 18th through February 25th. In case you drop by Madrid, this could be a good option for a nice evening.